NOTMUCH-COUNT(1)					      General Commands Manual						  NOTMUCH-COUNT(1)

notmuch-count - Count messages matching the given search terms. SYNOPSIS
notmuch count [options... ] <search-term>... DESCRIPTION
Count messages matching the search terms. The number of matching messages (or threads) is output to stdout. With no search terms, a count of all messages (or threads) in the database will be displayed. See notmuch-search-terms(7) for details of the supported syntax for <search-terms>. Supported options for count include --output=(messages|threads) messages Output the number of matching messages. This is the default. threads Output the number of matching threads. --exclude=(true|false) Specify whether to omit messages matching search.tag_exclude from the count (the default) or not. SEE ALSO
notmuch(1), notmuch-config(1), notmuch-dump(1), notmuch-hooks(5), notmuch-new(1), notmuch-reply(1), notmuch-restore(1), notmuch-search(1), notmuch-search-terms(7), notmuch-show(1), notmuch-tag(1) Notmuch 0.13.2 2012-06-01 NOTMUCH-COUNT(1)

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