HUH(1)                                                        General Commands Manual                                                       HUH(1)

huh - redisplay last telegram received. SYNOPSIS
Huh reprints the last telegram that was sent to you. It is intended for use when telegrams get garbled on your screen. Huh will only work if you had the ``record'' flag turned on when the telegram was received. This flag can be turned on with the mesg(1) command. Normally, huh will delete each message immediately after displaying it. If the -k flag is given, the message is non deleted, and the next huh command will display it again. On the other hand, the -s flag suppresses the display of the message, so it will just be deleted. Normally, only the last message is retained, except when amin(1) is run with the -p flag. AUTHOR
Jan Wolter FILES
~/.lastmesg /etc/wrttmp SEE ALSO
mesg(1), write(1), amin(1) 7th Edition Jan 20, 2000 HUH(1)

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