XtParseTranslationTable()												 XtParseTranslationTable()

  XtParseTranslationTable - compile a translation table into its internal representation.

  XtTranslations XtParseTranslationTable(table)
	 String table;

  table     Specifies the translation table to compile.

  The compiled form of table.

  XtParseTranslationTable()  compiles  table  into its opaque internal representation of type XtTranslations.  This compiled form can then be
  set as the value of a widget's XtNtranslations resource, or merged with a widget's existing translation table with  XtAugmentTranslations()
  or XtOverrideTranslations().

  The syntax of the string representation of a translation table is documented in Appendix F.

  If  an  empty  translation table is required for any purpose, one can be obtained by calling XtParseTranslationTable() and passing an empty

  This function is generally only needed by application writers.  When writing a widget, you specify a default translation table as a string,
  which the Intrinsics automatically parse.

  You  only need to use this function when you want to set translation values from C code; translation tables specified in resource files are
  automatically compiled by a resource converter.

  It is also possible to set a translation table with the XtVaTypedArg feature of XtVaCreateWidget() and XtVaSetValues().  This allows you to
  specify the translation table in string form, and have the appropriate resource converter automatically invoked to compile it.

  The string table passed to XtParseTranslationTable can be freed after the call if there are no more explicit references to it.

See Also
  XtAugmentTranslations(1), XtOverrideTranslations(1), XtUninstallTranslations(1).

Xt - Translations and Actions												 XtParseTranslationTable()

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