create_sysfile(1M)														create_sysfile(1M)

create_sysfile - create a kernel system file SYNOPSIS
The command creates a kernel configuration description file (system file) which can be used as input to the commands kconfig(1M) or mk_ker- nel(1M). The system file that is generated is of type version 1 (see system(4)) and is built according to the drivers required by the cur- rent system hardware. This command is intended for use during the install process when the system does not have a system file. The command uses the ioscan(1M) command to scan the system hardware and adds all drivers it can identify to run the existing hardware. If outfile is specified, the resulting system file is sent to outfile. If outfile is not specified, the output is placed in the file RETURN VALUE
Upon completion, returns with one of the following exit values: 0 Successful. 1 One or more errors were reported. DIAGNOSTICS
Errors are sent to stderr. Most of the diagnostic messages from are self-explanatory. Errors cause to halt immediately. WARNINGS
is obsolete and will be removed in a future version of HP-UX. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
ioscan(1M), kconfig(1M), mk_kernel(1M), system(4), kconfig(5). create_sysfile(1M)

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