lock(9s)																  lock(9s)

lock - General: Contains complex lock-specific information SYNOPSIS
The lock data structure is an opaque data structure; that is, its associated members are referenced and manipulated by the operating system and not by the user of the complex lock mechanism. Therefore, this reference page omits a description of the lock data structure's associ- ated members. DESCRIPTION
The lock data structure is the complex lock structure that contains complex lock-specific information. A kernel module writer using the complex lock method declares a pointer to a lock data structure and passes its address to the associated lock routines. NOTES
The header file <lock.h> shows typedef statements that assign the alternate name lock_data_t for the complex lock structure and lock_t for a pointer to the complex lock structure. FILES
Routines: lock_done(9r), lock_init(9r), lock_read(9r), lock_terminate(9r), lock_try_read(9r), lock_try_write(9r), lock_write(9r) Data Structures: slock(9s) lock(9s)

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