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gss_display_status(3)					     Library Functions Manual					     gss_display_status(3)

gss_display_status() - provide an application with the textual representation of a GSSAPI status code that can be displayed to a user or used for logging SYNOPSIS
The routine provides the context initiator with a textual representation of a status code so that the application can display the message to a user or log the message. Because some status values can indicate more than one error, the routine enables the calling application to process status codes with multiple messages. The message_context parameter indicates which error message the application should extract from the status_value parameter. The first time an application calls the routine, it should initialize the message_context parameter to 0 (zero) and return the first message. If there are additional messages to read, the routine returns a nonzero value. The application can call repeatedly to generate a single text string for each call. Input Parameters status_value Specifies the status value to convert. status_type Specifies one of the following status types: Major status - GSS status code Minor status - mechanism status code eg. Kerberos mech_type Specifies the underlying security mechanism. Supply to obtain the system default. Input/Output message_context Indicates whether the status code has multiple messages to read. The first time an application calls the routine, you initialize the parameter to 0 (zero). The routine returns the first message. If there are more messages, the routine sets the parameter to a nonzero value. The application calls the routine repeatedly to get the next message, until the message_context parameter is zero again. Output status_string Returns the status value as a text message. minor_status Returns a status code from the security mechanism. STATUS CODES
The following status codes can be returned: The routine was completed successfully. The translation requires a mechanism that is unsupported or unavailable. Indicates either the status value was not recognized or the status type was something other than or The routine failed. Check the minor_status for details. AUTHOR
was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SEE ALSO
The manpages for DCE-GSSAPI are included with the DCE-CoreTools product. To see those manpages add to gss_display_status(3)

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