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cachefsstat(1M) 														   cachefsstat(1M)

cachefsstat - Cache File System statistics SYNOPSIS
The command displays statistical information about the cache filesystem mounted on path. The statistical information includes cache hits and misses, consistency checking, and modification operations. If path is not specified, all mounted cache filesystems are used. can also be used to reinitialize this information (see description for the option). The statistical information has the following format: <cache hit rate> <consistency checks> <modifies> where each of the above is defined as: cache hit rate The percentage of cache hits over the total number of attempts followed by the actual numbers of hits and misses. consistency checks The number of consistency checks performed followed by the number that passed and the number that failed. modifies The number of modify operations, including writes, creates, and so on. Options recognizes the following option: Zero (reinitialize) statistics. Execute before executing again to gather statistics on the cache performance. This option can only be used by the supe- ruser. The statistics printed reflect those just before the statistics are reinitialized. RETURN VALUE
returns the following values: Success. non-zero An error occurred. EXAMPLES
was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SEE ALSO
cfsadmin(1M). cachefsstat(1M)

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