asadmin-start-appserv(1AS)					   User Commands					asadmin-start-appserv(1AS)

asadmin-start-appserv, start-appserv - starts thedomains in the specified or default domains directory SYNOPSIS
start-appserv [--domaindir install_dir/domains] [--terse=false] [--echo=false] DESCRIPTION
This command has been deprecated. Please use start-domain to start the domains in the specified or default domains directory. start-appserv starts the domains in the specified or default domains direcotry. If the domains directory is not specified, the domains in the default domains directory are started. The default domains directory is install_dir/domains. This command can only be run locally. OPTIONS
--domaindir directory where the domains are started. If specified, path must be accessible in the filesystem. If not specified, the domains are started in the default install_dir/domains directory. --terse indicates that any output data must be very concise, typically avoiding human-friendly sentences and favoring well- formatted data for consumption by a script. Default is false. --echo setting to true will echo the command line statement on the standard output. Default is false. EXIT STATUS
0 command executed successfully 1 error in executing the command asadmin-create-domain(1AS), asadmin-start-domain(1AS), asadmin-stop-domain(1AS), asadmin-delete-domain(1AS), asadmin-list-domains(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-start-appserv(1AS)

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