flow-split(1)						      General Commands Manual						     flow-split(1)

flow-split -- Split flow files into smaller files. SYNOPSIS
flow-split [-gGhn] [-b big|little] [-C comment] [-d debug_level] [-N nflows] [-o outfile_basename] [-T nseconds] [-z z_level] DESCRIPTION
The flow-split utility will split a flow file into smaller files based on the the number of flows or the ammount of time that has passed. OPTIONS
-b big|little Byte order of output. -C Comment Add a comment. -d debug_level Enable debugging. -g Split on source tag. -G Split on destination tag. -h Display help. -n Use symbols for tag field in filename. -N nflows Split after processing nflows. -o outfile_basename The basename of the resulting files. -T nsecond Split after processing an interval of nseconds flows. -z z_level Configure compression level to z_level. 0 is disabled (no compression), 9 is highest compression. EXAMPLES
Create 1 minute flow files from the flow archive in /flows/krc4. Store the results in /flows/krc4.split flow-cat /flows/krc4 | flow-split -T60 -o /flows/krc4.split/1min. BUGS
None known. AUTHOR
Mark Fullmer maf@splintered.net SEE ALSO
flow-tools(1) flow-split(1)

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