ZIP_SOURCE_FREE(3)					     Library Functions Manual						ZIP_SOURCE_FREE(3)

zip_source_free - free zip data source LIBRARY
libzip (-lzip) SYNOPSIS
#include <zip.h> void zip_source_free(struct zip_source *source); DESCRIPTION
The function zip_source_free frees the zip data source source. If source is NULL, it does nothing. NOTE : This function should not be called on a source after it was used successfully in a zip_add(3) or zip_replace(3) call. SEE ALSO
libzip(3), zip_source_buffer(3), zip_source_file(3), zip_source_filep(3), zip_source_function(3), zip_source_zip(3) AUTHORS
Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <> NiH April 23, 2006 ZIP_SOURCE_FREE(3)

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