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NATCASESORT(3)								 1							    NATCASESORT(3)

natcasesort - Sort an array using a case insensitive ";natural order" algorithm

bool natcasesort (array &$array) DESCRIPTION
natcasesort(3) is a case insensitive version of natsort(3). This function implements a sort algorithm that orders alphanumeric strings in the way a human being would while maintaining key/value associations. This is described as a "natural ordering". PARAMETERS
o $array - The input array. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 natcasesort(3) example <?php $array1 = $array2 = array('IMG0.png', 'img12.png', 'img10.png', 'img2.png', 'img1.png', 'IMG3.png'); sort($array1); echo "Standard sorting "; print_r($array1); natcasesort($array2); echo " Natural order sorting (case-insensitive) "; print_r($array2); ?> The above example will output: Standard sorting Array ( [0] => IMG0.png [1] => IMG3.png [2] => img1.png [3] => img10.png [4] => img12.png [5] => img2.png ) Natural order sorting (case-insensitive) Array ( [0] => IMG0.png [4] => img1.png [3] => img2.png [5] => IMG3.png [2] => img10.png [1] => img12.png ) For more information see: Martin Pool's Natural Order String Comparison page. SEE ALSO
natsort(3), The comparison of array sorting functions, strnatcmp(3), strnatcasecmp(3). PHP Documentation Group NATCASESORT(3)

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