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curl_global_init_mem - Global libcurl initialisation with memory callbacks SYNOPSIS
#include <curl/curl.h> CURLcode curl_global_init_mem(long flags, curl_malloc_callback m, curl_free_callback f, curl_realloc_callback r, curl_strdup_callback s, curl_calloc_callback c ); DESCRIPTION
This function works exactly as curl_global_init(3) with one addition: it allows the application to set callbacks to replace the otherwise used internal memory functions. This man page only adds documentation for the callbacks, see the curl_global_init(3) man page for all the rest. When you use this function, all callback arguments must be set to valid function pointers. The prototypes for the given callbacks should match these: void *malloc_callback(size_t size); To replace malloc() void free_callback(void *ptr); To replace free() void *realloc_callback(void *ptr, size_t size); To replace realloc() char *strdup_callback(const char *str); To replace strdup() void *calloc_callback(size_t nmemb, size_t size); To replace calloc() CAUTION
Manipulating these gives considerable powers to the application to severely screw things up for libcurl. Take care! SEE ALSO
curl_global_init(3), curl_global_cleanup(3), libcurl 7.12.0 10 May 2004 curl_global_init_mem(3)

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