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Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument - Set Error Document based on HTTP status code SYNOPSIS
# in app.psgi use Plack::Builder; builder { enable "Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument", 500 => '/uri/errors/500.html', 404 => '/uri/errors/404.html', subrequest => 1; $app; }; DESCRIPTION
Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument allows you to customize error screen by setting paths (file system path or URI path) of error pages per status code. CONFIGURATIONS
subrequest A boolean flag to serve error pages using a new GET sub request. Defaults to false, which means it serves error pages using file system path. builder { enable "Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument", 502 => '/home/www/htdocs/errors/maint.html'; enable "Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument", 404 => '/static/404.html', 403 => '/static/403.html', subrequest => 1; $app; }; This configuration serves 502 error pages from file system directly assuming that's when you probably maintain database etc. but serves 404 and 403 pages using a sub request so your application can do some logic there like logging or doing suggestions. When using a subrequest, the subrequest should return a regular '200' response. AUTHOR
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa SEE ALSO
perl v5.14.2 2012-03-15 Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument(3pm)

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