size(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   size(1)

size - Prints the size of an object file and the sizes of its segments or sections SYNOPSIS
size [-d -o -x -A -B -V] [file1 ...fileN] OPTIONS
The size command accepts the following options: Prints size information in decimal (default), octal, and hexadecimal format, respectively. Specifies System V-style output, which dumps size and address information for each section of the object file. By default, numbers are printed in decimal. Specifies Berkeley (4.3BSD)-style output, which is the default for Tru64 UNIX systems. This output contains size information for each segment and the size of the entire object file. By default, the segment size information is printed in decimal format and the object file size is printed in hexadecimal and decimal formats. Prints the version of size that you are using. DESCRIPTION
The size command prints information about the text, rdata, data, sdata, bss, and sbss sections of each file. The file can be an object or an archive. If you do not specify a file, size uses a.out as the default. [SVR4] By default, the size command displays its output as if the A option were used. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
The following environment variables affect the behavior of size: SEE ALSO
Programmer's Guide size(1)

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