decl_simple_lock_data(9r)												 decl_simple_lock_data(9r)

decl_simple_lock_data - General: Declares a simple lock structure SYNOPSIS
#include <kern/lock.h> void decl_simple_lock_data( char class, char name ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies the class of the declaration. For example, you pass the keyword extern if you want to declare the simple lock structure as an external structure. Specifies the name you want the decl_simple_lock_data routine to assign to the declaration of the simple lock struc- ture. DESCRIPTION
The decl_simple_lock_data routine declares a simple lock structure, slock, of the specified name. You declare a simple lock structure to protect data structures and device register access. You use decl_simple_lock_data to declare a simple lock structure and then pass it to the following simple lock-specific routines: simple_lock_init, simple_lock, simple_lock_try, simple_unlock, and simple_lock_terminate. RETURN VALUES
Routines: simple_lock(9r), simple_lock_try(9r), simple_lock_init(9r), simple_unlock(9r) Data Structures: slock(9s) decl_simple_lock_data(9r)

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