simple_lock_try(9r)													       simple_lock_try(9r)

simple_lock_try - General: Tries to assert a simple lock SYNOPSIS
#include <kern/lock.h> boolean_t simple_lock_try( simple_lock_t slock_ptr ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to a simple lock structure. You can declare this simple lock structure by using the decl_simple_lock_data routine. DESCRIPTION
The simple_lock_try routine tries to assert a lock with read and write access for the resource associated with the specified simple lock. The main difference between this routine and simple_lock is that simple_lock_try returns immediately if the resource is already locked, while simple_lock spins until the lock has been obtained. Thus, call simple_lock_try when you need a simple lock but the code cannot spin until the lock is obtained. To release a simple lock successfully asserted by simple_lock_try, call the simple_unlock routine. RETURN VALUES
The simple_lock_try routine returns one of the following values: The simple_lock_try routine successfully asserted the simple lock. The simple_lock_try routine failed to assert the simple lock. FILES
Routines: decl_simple_lock_data(9r), simple_lock(9r), simple_lock_init(9r), simple_lock_terminate(9r), simple_unlock(9r) Data Structures: slock(9s) simple_lock_try(9r)

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