package-appclient(1M)					    Application Server Utility					     package-appclient(1M)

package-appclient - packs the application client container libraries and jar files SYNOPSIS
package-appclient Use the package-appclient command to pack the application client container libraries and jar files into an appclient.jar file. The created file is located at appserver_install_dir/lib/appclient/appclient.jar. The appclient.jar file provides an application client container package targeted at remote hosts that do not contain a server installation. The appclient.jar archive contains native code and can be used on a target machine that is of similar architecture as the machine where it was produced. So, for example, an appclient.jar produced on a Solaris SPARC platform cannot be used on a Windows client machine. After copying the appclient.jar file to a remote location, unjar it to get a set of libraries and jar files in the appclient directory After unjarring on the client machine, modify appclient_install_dir/config/asenv.conf (asenv.bat for Windows) as follows: o set AS_WEBSERVICES_LIB to appclient_install_dir/lib o set AS_NSS to appclient_install_dir/lib (appclient_install_dirin for Windows) o set AS_IMQ_LIB to appclient_install_dir/imq/lib o set AS_INSTALL to appclient_install_dir o set AS_JAVA to your JDK 1.4 home directory o set AS_ACC_CONFIG to appclient_install_dir/config/sun-acc.xml Modify appclient_install_dir/config/sun-acc.xml as follows: o Ensure the DOCTYPE file references appclient_install_dir/lib/dtds o Ensure that target-server address attribute refrences the server machine. o Ensure that target-server port attribute refrences the ORB port on the remote machine. o Ensure that log-service references a log file; if the user wants to put log messages to a log file. Modify appclient_install_dir/bin/appclient (appclient.bat for Windows) as follows: o change token %CONFIG_HOME% to appclient_install_dir/config ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Unstable | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ appclient(1M) Sun Java System Application Server March 2004 package-appclient(1M)

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