hpialarms(1)							      OpenHPI							      hpialarms(1)

hpialarms - A openhpi sample application that shows "Alarm Control" management instruments SYNOPSIS
hpialarms [-a -b -c -i -m -n -p -o -x] DESCRIPTION
hpialarms walks the RPT (Resource Present Table) for resouces that have "Alarm Control" management instruments (SAHPI_CTRL_LED). OPTIONS
-c1 sets Critical Alarm on -c0 sets Critical Alarm off -m1 sets Major Alarm on -m0 sets Major Alarm off -n1 sets Minor Alarm on -n0 sets Minor Alarm off -p1 sets Power Alarm on -p0 sets Power Alarm off -i5 sets Chassis ID on for 5 sec -i0 sets Chassis ID off -a1 sets Disk A fault on -a0 sets Disk A fault off -b1 sets Disk B fault on -b0 sets Disk B fault off -d[byte] sets raw Alarm byte -o sets all Alarms off -x show eXtra debug messages SAMPLE OUTPUT
hpialarmpanel ver 0.6 RptInfo: UpdateCount = 5, UpdateTime = 8a2dc6c0 rptentry[0] resourceid=1 tag: Mullins RDR[45]: ctltype=2:1 oem=0 Chassis Identify Control RDR[48]: ctltype=0:1 oem=10 Front Panel Power Alarm LED state = off RDR[51]: ctltype=0:1 oem=13 Front Panel Minor Alarm LED state = ON RDR[46]: ctltype=0:0 oem=0 Cold Reset Control RDR[49]: ctltype=0:1 oem=11 Front Panel Critical Alarm LED state = off RDR[50]: ctltype=0:1 oem=12 Front Panel Major Alarm LED state = off SEE ALSO
Authors of this man page: Peter D Phan (pdphan@users.sourceforge.net) 2.14.1 2009-11-23 hpialarms(1)

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