SERVICES_MKDB(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					  SERVICES_MKDB(8)

services_mkdb -- generate the services databases SYNOPSIS
services_mkdb [-qv] [-o database] [-V style] [file] services_mkdb -u [file] DESCRIPTION
services_mkdb creates a db(3) database for the specified file. If no file is specified, then /etc/services is used. The database is installed into /var/db/services.cdb for CDB format and into /var/db/services.db for DB format (see -V). The file must be in the correct for- mat (see services(5)). The options are as follows: -o database Put the output databases in the named file. -q Don't warn about duplicate services. This is the default behavior. -u Print the services file to stdout, omitting duplicate entries and comments. -V Create a specific version of the database style. style can be cdb to request the CDB format (default) or db to request the DB for- mat. The DB format is useful for compatibility with old statically linked binaries. -v Warn about duplicate services. The databases are used by the C library services routines (see getservent(3)). services_mkdb exits zero on success, non-zero on failure. FILES
/var/db/services.db The current services database. /var/db/services.db.tmp A temporary file. /etc/services The current services file. SEE ALSO
db(3), getservent(3), services(5) BUGS
Because services_mkdb guarantees not to install a partial destination file it must build a temporary file in the same file system and if suc- cessful use rename(2) to install over the destination file. If services_mkdb fails it will leave the previous version of the destination file intact. BSD
May 5, 2010 BSD

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