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roarify(1)							   User Commands							roarify(1)

roarify - roarify an application that does not have RoarAudio support SYNOPSIS
This command sets up a environment that enables all RoarAudio compatibility librarys. Audio data from applications should automatically be redirected to the RoarAudio server. OPTIONS
--help Print usage information. --print-env-bash Print ENVs used in bash format. --server Set server address to connect to. --load Force loading of a given module. --no-load-roar Do not preload libroar. --no-load-oss DO not load OSS emulation (libroaross). SEE ALSO
roarctl(1), roarcat(1), roartips(7), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7). HISTORY
For history information see RoarAudio(7). RoarAudio October 2010 roarify(1)

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