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restore_error_handler - Restores the previous error handler function

bool restore_error_handler (void ) DESCRIPTION
Used after changing the error handler function using set_error_handler(3), to revert to the previous error handler (which could be the built-in or a user defined function). RETURN VALUES
This function always returns TRUE. EXAMPLES
Example #1 restore_error_handler(3) example Decide if unserialize(3) caused an error, then restore the original error handler. <?php function unserialize_handler($errno, $errstr) { echo "Invalid serialized value. "; } $serialized = 'foo'; set_error_handler('unserialize_handler'); $original = unserialize($serialized); restore_error_handler(); ?> The above example will output: Invalid serialized value. SEE ALSO
error_reporting(3), set_error_handler(3), restore_exception_handler(3), trigger_error(3). PHP Documentation Group RESTORE_ERROR_HANDLER(3)

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