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Locale::Msgcat - Perl extension for blah blah blah SYNOPSIS
use Locale::Msgcat; $cat = new Locale::Msgcat; $rc = $cat->catopen(name, oflag); $msg = $cat->catgets(set_number, message_number, string); $rc = $cat->catclose(); DESCRIPTION
The Locale::Msgcat module allows access to the message catalog functions which are available on some systems. A new Locale::Msgcat object must first be created for each catalog which has to be open at a given time. The catopen operation opens the catalog whose name is given as argument. The oflag can be either 0 or NL_CAT_LOCALE (usually 1) which is the recommended value. The catgets message retrieves message_number for the set_number message set, and if not found returns string. The catclose function should be used when access to a catalog is not needed anymore. EXAMPLES
use Locale::Msgcat; $cat = new Locale::Msgcat; unless ($cat->catopen("", 1)) { print STDERR "Can't open whois catalog. "; exit(1); } printf "First message, first set : %s ", $cat->catgets(1, 1, "not found"); unless ($cat->catclose()) { print STDERR "Can't close whois catalog. "; exit(1); } The above example would print the first message from the first message set found in the whois catalog, or if not found it would print "not found". AUTHOR
Christophe Wolfhugel, SEE ALSO
catopen(3), catclose(3), catgets(3), perl(1). perl v5.14.2 1999-11-15 Msgcat(3pm)

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