asadmin-stop-instance(1AS)					   User Commands					asadmin-stop-instance(1AS)

asadmin-stop-instance, stop-instance - stops the specified server instance and all the services associated with it
stop-instance [--user admin_user] [--password admin_password] [--host local_host] [--port 4848] [--local=false] [--domain domain_name] [--secure|-s]instance_name Use the stop-instance to stop the instance with the instance name specified. The stop-instance can be run both locally and remotely. The named instance must already exist within the given domain; and the instance must be running.
--user administrative user associated for the instance. --password administrative password corresponding to the administrative user. --host host name of the machine hosting the administrative instance. --port administrative port number associated with the administrative host. --local determines if the command should delegate the request to administrative instance or run locally. --domain name of the domain. --passwordfile file containing passwords appropriate for the command (e.g., administrative instance). --secure if true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the administrative instance.
instance_name name of the instance to be stopped. Example 1: Using stop-instance in local mode asadmin> stop-instance --local --domain domain1 server1 Instance server1 stopped Where: the server1 instance associated with the domain1 domain is stopped locally. Example 2: Using stop-instance in remote mode asadmin> stop-instance --user admin --password bluestar --host localhost --port 4848 server1 Instance server1 stopped Where: the server1 instance associated with the named user, password, host and port is deleted from the remote machine.
0 command executed successfully 1 error in executing the command
Server Instance page asadmin-delete-instance(1AS), asadmin-start-instance(1AS), asadmin-create-instance(1AS), asadmin-restart-instance(1AS), asadmin-start- appserv(1AS), asadmin-stop-appserv(1AS), asadmin-start-domain(1AS), asadmin-stop-domain(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-stop-instance(1AS)

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