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GPT-VERIFY(8)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     GPT-VERIFY(8)

gpt-verify - Verify dependencies needed for Globus are avaliable. SYNOPSIS
gpt-verify [ -sdk -bundle -help -version -man ] DESCRIPTION
gpt-verify is used to verify both runtime and setup dependencies along with setup packages for the current Globus installation. gpt-verify will serach through the list of dependencies and make sure that each is met. If a problem is found, gpt-verify will exit with an error and list missing files. OPTIONS
-sdk: Verify build dependencies. -bundle Verify installed bundles only. -help Print a brief help message and exits. -man Prints the manual page and exits. -version Prints the version of GPT and exits. SEE ALSO
gpt-install(8) gpt-uninstall(8) gpt-query(8) gpt-postinstall(8) AUTHOR
Michael Bletzinger <> and Eric Blau <> perl v5.14.2 2012-04-30 GPT-VERIFY(8)

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