cmhaltnode(1m)															    cmhaltnode(1m)

cmhaltnode - halt a node in a high availability cluster
cmhaltnode [-f] [-v] [-t] [node_name...]
cmhaltnode causes a node to halt its cluster daemon and remove itself from the existing cluster. To halt cluster on the node, a user must either be superuser(UID=0), or have an access policy of FULL_ADMIN allowed in the cluster configu- ration file. See access policy in cmquerycl. When cmhaltnode is run on a node, the cluster daemon is halted and, optionally, all packages that were running on that node are moved to other nodes if possible. If node_name is not specified, the cluster daemon running on the local node will be halted and removed from the existing cluster. If you issue this command while a cluster is still in the process of forming, the command will fail with the message "Unable to connect to daemon." If this happens, wait for the cluster to form successfully, then issue the command again. Options cmhaltnode supports the following options: -f Force the node to halt even if there are packages or group members running on it. The group members on the node will be terminated. The halt scripts for all packages running on the node will be run; based on priority or dependency relation- ships, this may affect packages on other nodes. In other words, packages on other nodes may either start or halt based on this package halting. If the package configuration and current cluster membership permit, and if the package halt script succeeds, the packages will be started on other nodes. Without this option, if packages are running on the given node, the command will fail. If a package fails to halt, the node halt will also fail. -v Verbose output will be displayed. -t Test only. Provide an assessment of the package placement without affecting the current state of the nodes or packages. This option validates the node's eligibility with respect to the package dependencies as well as the external dependencies such as EMS resources, package subnets, and storage before predicting any package placement decisions. If there is a pack- age in maintenance mode running on the nodes being halted, the package will always be halted and not failover to another node; the report will not display an assessment for that package. node_name... The name of the node(s) to halt.
cmhaltnode returns the following value: 0 Successful completion. 1 Command failed.
Halt the cluster daemon on two other nodes: cmhaltnode node2 node3
cmhaltnode was developed by HP.
cmquerycl(1m), cmhaltcl(1m), cmruncl(1m), cmrunnode(1m), cmviewcl(1m), cmeval(1m). Requires Optional Serviceguard Software cmhaltnode(1m)

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