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XML::RSS::LibXML::MagicElement(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		       XML::RSS::LibXML::MagicElement(3pm)

XML::RSS::LibXML::MagicElement - Represent A Non-Trivial RSS Element SYNOPSIS
us XML::RS::LibXML::MagicElement; my $xml = XML::RSS::LibXML::MagicElement->new( content => $textContent, attributes => @attributes ); DESCRIPTION
This module is a handy object that allows users to access non-trivial RSS elements in XML::RSS style. For example, suppose you have an RSS feed with an element like the following: <channel> <title>Example</title> <tag attr1="foo" attr2="bar">baz</tag> ... </channel> While it is simple to access the title element like this: $rss->{channel}->{title}; It was slightly non-trivial for the second tag. With this module, <tag> is parsed as a XML::RSS::LibXML::MagicElement object and then you can access all the elements like so: $rss->{channel}->{tag}; # "baz" $rss->{channel}->{tag}->{attr1}; # "foo" $rss->{channel}->{tag}->{attr2}; # "bar" METHODS
new Create a new MagicElement object. attributes Returns the list of attributes associated with this element toString Returns the string representation of this object. By default we use the "text content" of the found tag, but for XML::RSS compatibility, we use the concatenation of the attributes if no content is found. AUTHOR
Copyright 2005 Daisuke Maki <>. All rights reserved. Development partially funded by Brazil, Ltd. <> perl v5.12.4 2011-09-17 XML::RSS::LibXML::MagicElement(3pm)

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