PG_COPY_FROM(3) 														   PG_COPY_FROM(3)

pg_copy_from - Insert records into a table from an array

bool pg_copy_from (resource $connection, string $table_name, array $rows, [string $delimiter], [string $null_as]) DESCRIPTION
pg_copy_from(3) inserts records into a table from $rows. It issues a COPY FROM SQL command internally to insert records. PARAMETERS
o $connection - PostgreSQL database connection resource. o $table_name - Name of the table into which to copy the $rows. o $rows - An array of data to be copied into $table_name. Each value in $rows becomes a row in $table_name. Each value in $rows should be a delimited string of the values to insert into each field. Values should be linefeed terminated. o $delimiter - The token that separates values for each field in each element of $rows. Default is TAB. o $null_as - How SQL NULL values are represented in the $rows. Default is N ("\N"). RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 pg_copy_from(3) example <?php $db = pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect"); $rows = pg_copy_to($db, $table_name); pg_query($db, "DELETE FROM $table_name"); pg_copy_from($db, $table_name, $rows); ?> SEE ALSO
pg_copy_to(3). PHP Documentation Group PG_COPY_FROM(3)

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