mrinfo(1M)																mrinfo(1M)

mrinfo - Multicast Routing Configuration Information Tool SYNOPSIS
debuglevel] retries] timeout] [ multicast-router ] DESCRIPTION
requests the configuration information from the multicast-ourter, and prints the information to the standard out. multicast-router can be either an IP address or a system name. sends out the ASK_NEIGHBORS igmp message to the specified multicast-router, when the router receives the request, it sends back its configuration information. If the multicast-router is not specified, the request is sent the local router. The the configuration information for each interface is printed in the following format: If there are multiple neighbor routers on one interface, they will all be reported on the output. The possible values for flag are: Neighbors are reached via tunnel. The tunnel uses IP source routing. The interface is down. The interface is administratively disabled for multicast routing. The local router is the querier of the subnet. Please see mrouted(1M) for and The command line options are: Sets the level for printing out the debug message. The default is 0, only error and warning messages will be printed. Debug level three prints most the messages. Sets the retry times to pull the routing daemon for information. The default is 3. Specifies the timeout value in seconds for waiting the reply. The default value is 4. EXAMPLE
The following is an example of quering the multicasting configuration from the local routing daemon. (localhost) [version 3.3]: -> ( [10/1/querier] -> (all-zeros-broadcast) [1/1/disabled] -> ( [10/1/tunnel] -> ( [10/1/tunnel/down] Note must be run as root. AUTHOR
was developed by Van Jacobson. SEE ALSO
mrouted(1M), map-mbone(1M). mrinfo(1M)

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