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netris-sample-robot(6)						Netris Sample Robot					    netris-sample-robot(6)

netris-sample-robot - sample robot for netris SYNOPSIS
netris-sample-robot [-l] DESCRIPTION
The netris-sample-robot is a sample implementation of the robot protocol. It plays quite well but isn't too hard to beat. The robot should be started from netris with the option -r to connect or wait for another player to join. You can also let two robots play against each other in that way, if you like. OPTIONS
-l Writes some log information into the file log in the current working directory. If it can't it bails out. EXAMPLES
To start the netris-sample-robot waiting for another connection with logfile use the following line: netris -w -r 'netris-sample-robot -l' You then just have to start netris somewhere else which connects to that robot. SEE ALSO
netris(6) BUGS
One known bug of the netris-sample-robot is that it hangs quite often. This was already filed as a bugreport against the package so please refrain from doing so again. If you have an idea why this happens or know a solution how to fix it feel free to mail us. AUTHORS
Netris was written by Mark H. Weaver <>. This manual page was written by Gerfried Fuchs <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). 0.5 16 Feb 2002 netris-sample-robot(6)

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