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robot-playerjoy(1)					      General Commands Manual						robot-playerjoy(1)

robot-playerjoy - console-based client for teleoperation SYNOPSIS
robot-playerjoy [options] <host:port> [<host:port>] DESCRIPTION
robot-playerjoy is a console-based client that provides planar, differential-drive teleoperation of position2d and position3d devices. In other words, robot-playerjoy allows you to manually drive your (physical or simulated) robot around. robot-playerjoy uses velocity control, and so will only work when the underlying driver supports velocity control (most drivers do). OPTIONS
-v verbose mode. Print the Player device state on stdout. -3d connect to position3d interface (instead of position). -c continuously send commands. -n don't send commands or enable motors (for debugging). -k use keyboard control (instead of joystick device). -p print out speeds on the console. -udp use UDP instead of TCP (deprecated, currently disabled). -speed speed maximum linear speed in meter per second (default: 0.5). -turnspeed speed maximum angular speed in degrees per second (default: 60). -dev device joystick device file the joystick is connected to (default: /dev/js0). AUTHOR
Player was written by Brian Gerkey <> and contributors. This manual page was written by Daniel Hess for the Debian Project. SEE ALSO
The HTML documentation in /usr/share/doc/player/html of the robot-player-doc package. Player May 2009 robot-playerjoy(1)

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