PG_NUM_ROWS(3)															    PG_NUM_ROWS(3)

pg_num_rows - Returns the number of rows in a result

int pg_num_rows (resource $result) DESCRIPTION
pg_num_rows(3) will return the number of rows in a PostgreSQL result resource. Note This function used to be called pg_numrows(3). PARAMETERS
o $result - PostgreSQL query result resource, returned by pg_query(3), pg_query_params(3) or pg_execute(3) (among others). RETURN VALUES
The number of rows in the result. On error, -1 is returned. EXAMPLES
Example #1 pg_num_rows(3) example <?php $result = pg_query($conn, "SELECT 1"); $rows = pg_num_rows($result); echo $rows . " row(s) returned. "; ?> The above example will output: 1 row(s) returned. SEE ALSO
pg_num_fields(3), pg_affected_rows(3). PHP Documentation Group PG_NUM_ROWS(3)

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