EIO_GRP_ADD(3)								 1							    EIO_GRP_ADD(3)

eio_grp_add - Adds a request to the request group.

void eio_grp_add (resource $grp, resource $req) DESCRIPTION
eio_grp_add(3) adds a request to the request group. PARAMETERS
o $grp - The request group resource returned by eio_grp(3) o $req - The request resource RETURN VALUES
eio_grp_add(3) doesn't return a value. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Grouping requests <?php /* * Create a group request to open, read and close a file */ // Create temporary file and write some bytes to it $temp_filename = dirname(__FILE__) ."/eio-file.tmp"; $fp = fopen($temp_filename, "w"); fwrite($fp, "some data"); fclose($fp); /* Is called when the group requests are done */ function my_grp_done($data, $result) { var_dump($result == 0); @unlink($data); } /* Is called when eio_open() done */ function my_grp_file_opened_callback($data, $result) { global $grp; // $result should contain the file descriptor var_dump($result > 0); // Create eio_read() request and add it to the group // Pass file descriptor to the callback $req = eio_read($result, 4, 0, EIO_PRI_DEFAULT, "my_grp_file_read_callback", $result); eio_grp_add($grp, $req); } /* Is called when eio_read() done */ function my_grp_file_read_callback($data, $result) { global $grp; // Read bytes var_dump($result); // Create eio_close() request and add it to the group // $data should contain the file descriptor $req = eio_close($data); eio_grp_add($grp, $req); } // Create request group $grp = eio_grp("my_grp_done", $temp_filename); var_dump($grp); // Create eio_open() request and add it to the group $req = eio_open($temp_filename, EIO_O_RDWR | EIO_O_APPEND , NULL, EIO_PRI_DEFAULT, "my_grp_file_opened_callback", NULL); eio_grp_add($grp, $req); // Process requests eio_event_loop(); ?> The above example will output something similar to: resource(6) of type (EIO Group Descriptor) bool(true) string(4) "some" bool(true) SEE ALSO eio_grp, eio_grp_cancel, eio_grp_limit. PHP Documentation Group EIO_GRP_ADD(3)

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