MB_EREG_REPLACE(3)							 1							MB_EREG_REPLACE(3)

mb_ereg_replace - Replace regular expression with multibyte support

string mb_ereg_replace (string $pattern, string $replacement, string $string, [string $option = "msr"]) DESCRIPTION
Scans $string for matches to $pattern, then replaces the matched text with $replacement PARAMETERS
o $pattern - The regular expression pattern. Multibyte characters may be used in $pattern. o $replacement - The replacement text. o $string - The string being checked. o $option - Matching condition can be set by $option parameter. If i is specified for this parameter, the case will be ignored. If x is specified, white space will be ignored. If m is specified, match will be executed in multiline mode and line break will be included in '.'. If p is specified, match will be executed in POSIX mode, line break will be considered as normal character. If e is specified, $replacement string will be evaluated as PHP expression. RETURN VALUES
The resultant string on success, or FALSE on error. NOTES
Note The internal encoding or the character encoding specified by mb_regex_encoding(3) will be used as the character encoding for this function. Warning Never use the e modifier when working on untrusted input. No automatic escaping will happen (as known from preg_replace(3)). Not taking care of this will most likely create remote code execution vulnerabilities in your application. SEE ALSO
mb_regex_encoding(3), mb_eregi_replace(3). PHP Documentation Group MB_EREG_REPLACE(3)

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