renamefset(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     renamefset(8)

renamefset - Rename an existing AdvFS fileset SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/renamefset domain oldfileset newfileset OPERANDS
Specifies the name of an existing AdvFS file domain. Specifies the name of a fileset in the domain. Specifies the new name for the file- set. DESCRIPTION
The renamefset command assigns a new name to an existing fileset within an AdvFS file domain. Before renaming a fileset, unmount the file- set and its clone fileset, if there is one. After renaming a fileset, update the corresponding entries in the /etc/fstab file to reflect the name change. RESTRICTIONS
Because clone filesets are read-only, they cannot be renamed. You must be the root user to use this command. Each fileset within a domain must have a unique name of up to 31 characters. All whitespace characters (tab, new line, space, and so forth) and the / # : * ? characters are invalid for fileset names. EXAMPLES
The following example changes the name of the credit_fs fileset in the accounts_dmn file domain to new_credit_fs: # renamefset accounts_dmn credit_fs new_credit_fs SEE ALSO
Commands: chfsets(8), mkfdmn(8), mkfset(8), rmfset(8), showfsets(8) File Formats: advfs(4) renamefset(8)

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