oddjob_request(1)					      General Commands Manual						 oddjob_request(1)

oddjob_request - send requests to oddjobd from the command line SYNOPSIS
oddjob_request [-s service] [-o object] [-i interface] [-S] [ [request [arg1 ...]] | -I ] DESCRIPTION
The oddjob_request application is a simple oddjob client application which can be used to invoke a particular method provided by the odd- jobd server. If no request is given as a command-line argument, oddjob_request will attempt to invoke the list method, which should list all methods for which the invoking user is authorized. ARGUMENTS
-S Connect to the session bus instead of the system bus. This option is primarily intended for use in testing. com.redhat.oddjob. -s service The object is provided by the named service instead of com.redhat.oddjob. -o object Invoke a method on the named object instead of /com/redhat/oddjob. -i interface The method is part of the named interface instead of com.redhat.oddjob. -I Default to the method and interface names used for D-Bus introspection (Introspect and org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable, respec- tively). SEE ALSO
oddjob.conf(5) oddjobd.conf(5) oddjobd(8) oddjob Manual 25 April 2005 oddjob_request(1)

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