The SimpleXMLIterator class

The SimpleXMLIterator provides recursive iteration over all nodes of a SimpleXMLElement object. CLASS SYNOPSIS
SimpleXMLIterator SimpleXMLIteratorextends SimpleXMLElementRecursiveIteratorCountable Methods o public mixed SimpleXMLIterator::current (void ) o public SimpleXMLIterator SimpleXMLIterator::getChildren (void ) o public bool SimpleXMLIterator::hasChildren (void ) o public mixed SimpleXMLIterator::key (void ) o public void SimpleXMLIterator::next (void ) o public void SimpleXMLIterator::rewind (void ) o public bool SimpleXMLIterator::valid (void ) Inherited methods o finalpublic SimpleXMLElement::__construct (string $data, [int $options], [bool $data_is_url = false], [string $ns = ""], [bool $is_prefix = false]) o public void SimpleXMLElement::addAttribute (string $name, [string $value], [string $namespace]) o public SimpleXMLElement SimpleXMLElement::addChild (string $name, [string $value], [string $namespace]) o public mixed SimpleXMLElement::asXML ([string $filename]) o public SimpleXMLElement SimpleXMLElement::attributes NULL ([string $ns], [bool $is_prefix = false]) o public SimpleXMLElement SimpleXMLElement::children ([string $ns], [bool $is_prefix = false]) o public int SimpleXMLElement::count (void ) o public array SimpleXMLElement::getDocNamespaces ([bool $recursive = false], [bool $from_root = true]) o public string SimpleXMLElement::getName (void ) o public array SimpleXMLElement::getNamespaces ([bool $recursive = false]) o public bool SimpleXMLElement::registerXPathNamespace (string $prefix, string $ns) o public string SimpleXMLElement::__toString (void ) o public array SimpleXMLElement::xpath (string $path) PHP Documentation Group SIMPLEXMLITERATOR(3)

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