reboot(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 reboot(8)

       reboot - automatic reboot procedures

       /etc/reboot [ -n ] [ -q ]

       The  ULTRIX  system is booted by loading a kernel image, usually into memory at location zero and transferring to zero.	Because the system
       is not reenterable, the kernel image must be read in from disk each time the system is bootstrapped.

       When the reboot of a running system is desired, is normally used.  If there are no users, can be used.  The command causes the disks to	be
       synced,	and  then  a multiuser reboot is initiated.  The system is booted and an automatic disk check is performed.  If the procedure suc-
       ceeds, the system is then brought up for the users.

       The system will reboot itself after a power failure or after a crash, provided auto-restart is enabled on your system.  A consistency check
       of the file systems will be performed and, unless the check fails, the system will resume multiuser operations.

       -n   Prevents the disks from being synced.

       -q   Reboots quickly and ungracefully, without shutting down running processes first.

       System code

See Also
       crash(8v), fsck(8), halt(8), init(8), newfs(8), rc(8), shutdown(8)


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