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The ReflectionFunctionAbstract class

A parent class to ReflectionFunction, read its description for details. CLASS SYNOPSIS
ReflectionFunctionAbstract ReflectionFunctionAbstractReflector Properties o public$name Methods o finalprivate void ReflectionFunctionAbstract::__clone (void ) o public ReflectionClass ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getClosureScopeClass (void ) o public object ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getClosureThis (void ) o public string ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getDocComment (void ) o public int ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getEndLine (void ) o public ReflectionExtension ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getExtension (void ) o public string ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getExtensionName (void ) o public string ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getFileName (void ) o public string ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getName (void ) o public string ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getNamespaceName (void ) o public int ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getNumberOfParameters (void ) o public int ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getNumberOfRequiredParameters (void ) o public array ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getParameters (void ) o public string ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getShortName (void ) o public int ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getStartLine (void ) o public array ReflectionFunctionAbstract::getStaticVariables (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::inNamespace (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::isClosure (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::isDeprecated (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::isGenerator (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::isInternal (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::isUserDefined (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::isVariadic (void ) o public bool ReflectionFunctionAbstract::returnsReference (void ) o abstractpublic void ReflectionFunctionAbstract::__toString (void ) PROPERTIES
o $name - Name of the function. Read-only, throws ReflectionException in attempt to write. PHP Documentation Group REFLECTIONFUNCTIONABSTRACT(3)

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