XHPAcknowledge(3X)														XHPAcknowledge(3X)

XHPAcknowledge - Send an Acknowledge to an extended input device. SYNOPSIS
#include <X11/XHPlib.h> int XHPAcknowledge (display, deviceid, acknowledge) Display *display; XID deviceid; int acknowledge; ARGUMENTS
display Specifies the connection to the X server. deviceid Specifies the ID of the desired device. acknowledge Specifies the acknowledge to be sent. Valid values are: GENERAL_ACKNOWLEDGE, ACKNOWLEDGE_1, ACKNOWLEDGE_2, ACKNOWLEDGE_3, ACKNOWLEDGE_4, ACKNOWLEDGE_5, ACKNOWLEDGE_6, ACKNOWLEDGE_7. DESCRIPTION
This request is part of an HP-proprietary extension to X. Its functionality has been superseded by the standard XChangeFeedbackControl request. You should use XChangeFeedbackControl instead of XHPAcknowledge if possible. This request sends an acknowledge to an input device. This allows a previously received prompt to be turned off. A prompt is an audio or visual indication that the program controlling the input device is ready for input. The LED on an HP46086A buttonbox is an example of a prompt. A program may indicate its status by turning on a prompt on the appropriate input device. Not all input devices support prompts and acknowledges. Any device that does support a particular prompt will also support the corresponding acknowledge. To determine whether an input device supports a particular prompt and acknowledge, the io_byte field of the XHPDeviceList structure should be examined. The format of this structure is described in the documentation for the XHPListInputDevices request. RETURN VALUE
BadDevice An invalid device ID was specified. BadValue An invalid acknowledge was specified. FILES
/usr/include/X11/XHPlib.h ORIGIN
Hewlett-Packard Company SEE ALSO
XHPListInputDevices(3x) XHPPrompt(3x) X Version 11 Release 5 XHPAcknowledge(3X)

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