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remove profile(1m)														remove profile(1m)

remove profile - Removes all profile elements and the profile from the specified name service entry SYNOPSIS
rpccp remove profile profile-entry-name [-s syntax] OPTIONS
Indicates the name syntax of the entry name (optional). The only value for this option is the dce name syntax, which is the default name syntax. Until an alternative name syntax becomes available, specifying the -s option is unnecessary. ARGUMENTS
Indicates the name of the target profile. For an entry in the local cell, you can omit the cell name and specify only the cell-relative name. DESCRIPTION
The remove profile command removes a profile (and all of its elements) from the name service database. The entry name of the profile is required. Privilege Required You need write permission to the CDS object entry (the target profile entry). NOTE
This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may not be provided in future releases of DCE. EXAMPLES
The following commands run RPCCP and remove the profile named /.:/LandS/anthro/molly_o_profile: $ rpccp rpccp> remove profile /.:/LandS/anthro/molly_o_profile RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: add element(1m), remove element(1m), show profile(1m) remove profile(1m)

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