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pset_info(1)						      General Commands Manual						      pset_info(1)

pset_info - Displays processor set information SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/pset_info DESCRIPTION
The pset_info command displays information about processor sets and the processors that are assigned to each set. Note that a stopped pro- cessor is not a member of any processor set, and its processor set identification number is specified as -1. Also, depending on the machine architecture, processors may not be numbered consecutively. That is, a four-processor system may not have a processor with the number 3. NOTES
If a processor or processor set is queried while it is in transition (for example, processor set destruction or processor assignment), an error may be returned from the kernel. Running the command a second time will result in normal behavior. EXAMPLES
The following is an example of the output of the pset_info command: number of processor sets on system = 2 pset_id # cpus # pids # threads load_av created 0 1 26 63 0.90 09/21/1994 17:48:42 6 1 1 4 0.21 09/21/1994 23:33:37 total number of processors on system = 3 cpu # running boot_cpu pset_id assigned_to_pset 0 1 1 0 09/21/1994 17:48:42 1 1 0 6 09/21/1994 23:34:06 2 0 0 -1 09/21/1994 17:48:42 SEE ALSO
Commands: pset_assign_cpu(1), pset_assign_pid(1), pset_create(1), psradm(8) Files: processor_sets(4) pset_info(1)

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