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LCP_READPOL(8)							   User Manuals 						    LCP_READPOL(8)

lcp_readpol - read the contents of an LCP policy index SYNOPSIS
lcp_readpol -i index-value [-f policy-file] [-s size] [-p passwd] [-h] DESCRIPTION
lcp_readpol is used to read the contents of an LCP policy index. Any index can be specified but the output will be parsed as if it con- tained a policy. OPTIONS
-i index-value Designate the index for reading. Index can be UINT32 or string. 3 strings are supported for the reserved LCP indices. Strings and default index values for each string are: default 0x50000001(INDEX_LCP_DEF) owner 0x40000001(INDEX_LCP_OWN) aux 0x50000002(INDEX_LCP_AUX) -f policy-file File name to write the policy data to. If no file name is specified then the contents will be displayed. -s size Value size to read from NV store. If no size inputted, read by length as this index defined. -p password The TPM owner password -h Print out the help message EXAMPLES
lcp_readpol -i default -f policy-file lcp_readpol -i 0x00011101 -s 10 lcp_readpol -i 0x00011101 -f policy-file -p 123456 SEE ALSO
lcp_writepol(8), lcp_crtpol(8). tboot 2011-12-31 LCP_READPOL(8)

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