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TYPEFORTUNE(1)								FSF							    TYPEFORTUNE(1)

typefortune - generate a .typ file and call gtypist to run this file SYNOPSIS
typefortune [ Options... ] DESCRIPTION
typefortune creates a gtypist lesson-file from fortune and runs gtypist on it. OPTIONS
-d use D: (drill) instead of S: (speed) -s run fortune -s -l run fortune -l -n <count> practice <count> fortunes (default=1) -o <gtypist_options> pass options to gtypist EXAMPLE
To practice 3 fortunes and run gtypist as --silent -e 5 --word-processor: typefortune -n 3 -o 'silent e,5 word-processor' DIAGNOSTICS
If typefortune quits with the following message No fortunes found then you are missing fortune cookies. SEE ALSO
gtypist(1), fortune(6) The full documentation for gtypist (and typefortune) is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and gtypist programs are properly installed at your site, the command info gtypist (section "Using typefortune") should give you access to the complete manual. typefortune March 2002 TYPEFORTUNE(1)

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