glGetPointerv - return the address of the specified pointer C SPECIFICATION
void glGetPointerv( GLenum pname, GLvoid* *params ) PARAMETERS
pname Specifies the array or buffer pointer to be returned. Symbolic constants GL_COLOR_ARRAY_POINTER, GL_EDGE_FLAG_ARRAY_POINTER, GL_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_POINTER, GL_INDEX_ARRAY_POINTER, GL_NORMAL_ARRAY_POINTER, GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY_POINTER, GL_SELECTION_BUFFER_POINTER, and GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_POINTER are accepted. params Returns the pointer value specified by pname. DESCRIPTION
glGetPointerv returns pointer information. pname is a symbolic constant indicating the pointer to be returned, and params is a pointer to a location in which to place the returned data. NOTES
glGetPointerv is available only if the GL version is 1.1 or greater. The pointers are all client-side state. The initial value for each pointer is 0. When the GL_ARB_multitexture extension is supported, querying the GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY_POINTER returns the value for the active client texture unit. ERRORS
GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if pname is not an accepted value. SEE ALSO
glArrayElement, glClientActiveTextureARB, glColorPointer, glDrawArrays, glEdgeFlagPointer, glFeedbackBuffer, glIndexPointer, glInterleavedArrays, glNormalPointer, glSelectBuffer, glTexCoordPointer, glVertexPointer GLGETPOINTERV(3G)

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