rad_detach_pid(3)					     Library Functions Manual						 rad_detach_pid(3)

rad_detach_pid - Detach a process from a Resource Affinity Domain by pid (libnuma library) SYNOPSIS
#include <numa.h> int rad_detach_pid( pid_t pid ); PARAMETERS
Specifies a process identifier (pid) to detach from a RAD set. DESCRIPTION
The rad_detach_pid() function frees a process that has been bound or attached to a RAD through the functions rad_bind_pid() or rad_attach_pid(), respectively. If the pid argument is NULL, the call is self-directed. That is, the function behaves as if the calling process's pid were specified. Calling rad_detach_pid() for a process that is not attached or bound is not considered to be an error. RETURN VALUES
Success. In this case, rad_detach_pid() detaches the pid specified by pid from the RAD set. Failure. In this case, errno is set to indi- cate the error. ERRORS
If the rad_detach_pid() function fails, errno is set to one of the following values for the reasons specified. The process specified in pid does not exist. The real or effective user ID of the caller does not match the real or effective user ID of the process pid, or the caller does not have appropriate privileges to free processes from RADs. SEE ALSO
Functions: rad_attach_pid(3), rad_bind_pid(3) rad_detach_pid(3)

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