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CHKSTAT(8)					      Tool to check and set file permissions						CHKSTAT(8)

chkstat - Tool to check and set file permissions SYNOPSIS
chkstat [--set|-set] [--noheader] [[--examine file ]...] [[--files filelist ]...] [[--root directory ]...] permission-file ... DESCRIPTION
The program /usr/bin/chkstat is a tool to check and set file permissions. Multiple permissions files can be given on the commandline. If the permission files contain multiple entries for a single file, the last entry found will be used. General Options --set, -set This option enables setting the file permissions, the default is to check and warn only. --noheader Omit printing the output header lines. --examine file Check permissions for this file and not all files listed in the permissions files. --files filelist Check permissions for the files listed in filelist and not for all files listed in the permissions files. --root directory Prefix the files given in the permissions files by this directory. EXAMPLE
The command chkstat -set /etc/permissions will parse the file /etc/permissions and set the access mode and the user- and group memberships each file listed. The format for the input file is FILEPATH OWNER:GROUP MODE and wildcards are not supported for the filepath. Lines starting with '#' and empty lines are treated as comments. COPYRIGHT
1996-2003 SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany. 2008 SUSE LINUX Products GmbH AUTHORS
Reinhold Sojer, Ruediger Oertel, Michael Schroeder Useful changes and additions by Tobias Burnus 3rd Berkeley Distribution 2008-04-17 CHKSTAT(8)

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