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pam_console_appy(8)					   System Administrator's Manual				       pam_console_appy(8)

pam_console_apply - set or revoke permissions for users at the system console SYNOPSIS
pam_console_apply [-r] DESCRIPTION
pam_console_apply sets or resets permissions on devices in the same manner as pam_console. If /var/run/console.lock exists, pam_console_apply will grant permissions to the user listed therein. If the lock file does not exist, permissions are reset to those listed in /etc/security/console.perms, which should be configured to set permissions on devices so that root owns them. ARGUMENTS
-r Signals pam_console_apply to reset permissions. The default is to set permissions so that the user listed in /var/run/console.lock has access to the devices, and to reset permissions if no such file exists. FILES
/var/run/console.lock /etc/security/console.perms SEE ALSO
pam_console(8) console.perms(5) BUGS
Let's hope not, but if you find any, please report them via the "Bug Track" link at AUTHOR
Nalin Dahyabhai <>, using code shamelessly stolen from parts of pam_console. Red Hat 2001/3/6 pam_console_appy(8)

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