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pmc -- performance-monitoring counter interface for command execution SYNOPSIS
pmc -h pmc -C pmc -c event command [options ...] DESCRIPTION
pmc is a means of using a processor's performance-monitoring counter (PMC) facility to measure various aspects of a program's execution. It is meant to be used in a fashion similar to time(1). The arguments are as follows: -h Display a list of performance counter events available on the system. -C Cancel any performance counters that are currently running. -c event Count the event specified by event while running the command. DIAGNOSTICS
PMC support is not compiled into the kernel Performance-monitoring counter support has not been compiled into the kernel. It may be included using the PERFCTRS option. See options(4) for details. PMC counters are not supported by CPU Performance-monitoring counters are not available for the CPU. SEE ALSO
time(1), options(4) HISTORY
The pmc command first appeared in NetBSD 1.6. AUTHORS
The pmc command was written by Frank van der Linden <>. The kernel support for reading performance counters on the i386 architecture was written by Jason R. Thorpe <>. BUGS
The pmc command currently only supports performance-monitoring counters on the i386 architecture. BSD
October 24, 2000 BSD

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