SLAPD-PASSWD(5) 						File Formats Manual						   SLAPD-PASSWD(5)

slapd-passwd - /etc/passwd backend to slapd SYNOPSIS
/etc/openldap/slapd.conf DESCRIPTION
The PASSWD backend to slapd(8) serves up the user account information listed in the system passwd(5) file. This backend is provided for demonstration purposes only. The DN of each entry is "uid=<username>,<suffix>". Note that non-base searches scan the the entire passwd file, and are best suited for hosts with small passwd files. CONFIGURATION
This slapd.conf option applies to the PASSWD backend database. That is, it must follow a "database passwd" line and come before any subse- quent "backend" or "database" lines. Other database options are described in the slapd.conf(5) manual page. file <filename> Specifies an alternate passwd file to use. The default is /etc/passwd. FILES
/etc/openldap/slapd.conf default slapd configuration file /etc/passwd user account information SEE ALSO
slapd.conf(5), slapd(8), passwd(5). OpenLDAP 2.1.X RELEASEDATE SLAPD-PASSWD(5)

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