sysdef(1M)																sysdef(1M)

sysdef - display system definition SYNOPSIS
[kernel [master]] DESCRIPTION
Note: will not be supported in future releases of HP-UX (refer to section below). So users are advised to use the kctune(1M) utility which provides additional information on kernel tunable parameters. The command analyzes the currently running system and reports on its tunable configuration parameters. kernel and master are not used, but can be specified for standards compliance. For each configuration parameter, the following information is printed: The name and description of the parameter. The current value of the parameter. The value of the parameter at boot time, if different from the current value. The minimum allowed value of the parameter, if any. The maximum allowed value of the parameter, if any. Where appropriate, the units by which the parameter is measured. Flags that further describe the parameter. The following flag is defined: Parameter can be modified without rebooting. WARNINGS
Users of must not rely on the exact field widths and spacing of its output, as these will vary depending on the system, the release of HP- UX, and the data to be displayed. is provided for compatibility purposes only and is no longer maintained since being marked for obsolescence in a future HP-UX release. The output from is known to be incorrect when reporting values for some tunable parameters such as and SEE ALSO
kctune(1M). TO BE OBSOLETED sysdef(1M)

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